Calxyl® Dentin 10

The new innovative calcium hydroxide therapy. You already seal the cavity with a synthetic calcium complex, corresponding to endogenous human dentin which leads to an improved remineralisation of the dentin.

CALXYL® Dentin 10 has a high pH of > 12.6; therefore, it acts bacteriostatically.

Through its properties, it stimulates the cells to form tertiary dentin, and promotes the healing and vitality of the pulp. Its adhesive properties result in a bacteria-tight seal. In addition it possesses a higher mechanical stability.

It therefore offers long-term protection against microleakage and it achieves a higher clinical success rate.

The calcium complex forms mineral tags in the dentinal tubules that prevent the movement of dentinal fluid, so may lead to desensitization and pain reduction.

In its physiological composition, it is radiopaque and possesses a high degree of biocompatibility. CALXYL® Dentin 10 is supplied ready-to-administer in a syringe, thereby ensuring quick and easy handling with reduced material losses.

Therapeutic indication:

  • Treatment of caries-free dentin close to the pulp
  • Caries profunda
  • Indirect / direct pulp capping
  • Pulpectomy
  • Temporary root canal dressing
  • Apexification

Pulp exposure in carious dentin. Inflammatory changes of the pulp and if there is an allergic reaction to any of the components known.

Commercial quantity:
Original pack: syringe with 1,5 ml of paste and 5 disposable cannulas

Calxyl® Dentin 10